Class ScanConfiguration

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    public class ScanConfiguration
    extends java.lang.Object
    Options allowing to customize the scan flow
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    • Field Detail

      • defaultFilter

        public ScanConfiguration.Filter defaultFilter
        Force the use of a specific post processing filter. If not provided, the best filter will be chosen automatically.
      • postProcessingActions

        public java.util.EnumSet<ScanConfiguration.Action> postProcessingActions
        Select which actions are displayed in the post processing screen Default is everything.
      • flashButtonHidden

        public boolean flashButtonHidden
        The visibility of the flash button. By default, the flash button is displayed.
      • backgroundColor

        public int backgroundColor
        UI background color. Default is black.
      • foregroundColor

        public int foregroundColor
        UI foreground color (text and icons). Default is white.
      • highlightColor

        public int highlightColor
        Color of the document detection overlay. Default is blue.
      • jpegQuality

        public int jpegQuality
        JPEG quality used to compress captured images. Between 0 and 100, 100 being the best quality. Default is 60.
      • pdfMaxScanDimension

        public int pdfMaxScanDimension
        Max scan dimension in pixels when generating the PDF file. All scans included in the PDF file will be scaled so that both their height and width are smaller than this value, while keeping their aspect ratio. Default is 0, which means no scaling is applied.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ScanConfiguration

        public ScanConfiguration()