Interface CameraManager.Callback

  • Enclosing class:

    public static interface CameraManager.Callback
    • Method Detail

      • onCameraReady

        void onCameraReady​(CameraManager cameraManager,
                           android.hardware.Camera camera)
      • onCameraFailure

        void onCameraFailure​(CameraManager cameraManager)
      • onShutterTriggered

        void onShutterTriggered​(CameraManager cameraManager)
      • onPictureTaken

        void onPictureTaken​(CameraManager cameraManager,
                            int cameraOrientation,
                            ScanContainer scanContainer)
        Triggered when a picture has been captured and stored into the provided ScanContainer
        cameraManager -
        cameraOrientation - angle between the camera sensor and the device natural orientation
        scanContainer - contains the path where the captured image has been stored