Class CameraManager

  • public class CameraManager
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Constructor Detail

    • Method Detail

      • initializeCamera

        public void initializeCamera()
      • startPreview

        public void startPreview​(PreviewSurfaceView previewSurfaceView,
                                 android.hardware.Camera.PreviewCallback previewCallback)
      • stopPreview

        public void stopPreview()
      • releaseCamera

        public void releaseCamera()
      • takePhoto

        public boolean takePhoto​(ScanContainer scanContainer,
                                 boolean focusBeforeTrigger)
        scanContainer - the scan in which the picture should be saved
        focusBeforeTrigger - if true, an auto-focus will run before the picture is captured
        false if a picture is already being taken, true otherwise
      • setFlashMode

        public void setFlashMode​(java.lang.String flashMode)
      • toggleFlashMode

        public java.lang.String toggleFlashMode()
      • triggerAutoFocus

        public void triggerAutoFocus​(float x,
                                     float y,
                                     FocusIndicator focusIndicator)
        Trigger auto focus at the specific position, if focus areas are supported
        x - center of the focus area relative to the surface view width
        y - center of the focus area relative to the surface view height
      • getCameraDisplayOrientation

        public int getCameraDisplayOrientation()