Interface ScanContainer

  • public interface ScanContainer
    A ScanContainer represents a page that is scanned. It contains an original image and the result image after several operations have been applied to it.
    • Method Detail

      • getOriginalImage

        Scan getOriginalImage()
        the original image used for this page.
      • getEnhancedImage

        Scan getEnhancedImage()
        the final image after perspective correction and filter have been applied.
      • setQuadrangle

        void setQuadrangle​(Quadrangle quadrangle)
        quadrangle - the quadrangle that should be used to crop this page.
      • getQuadrangle

        Quadrangle getQuadrangle()
        the quadrangle representing the document borders that were detected on the original image. If no document was detected, the quadrangle will match the full image. Use the Quadrangle.isFullImage() to check this.
      • setImageType

        void setImageType​(ImageType imageType)
        imageType - the filter that should be applied to this page.
      • getImageType

        ImageType getImageType()
        the type of filter that was applied to this page.