Genius Scan iOS SDK


The Genius Scan iOS SDK is a set of modular Cocoa frameworks. This structure enables you to integrate just the feature you need and keep the SDK footprint very small:

  • GSSDK: the core framework of the SDK including the low-level image processing, basic UI components, and PDF generation
    • GSK – the entry point for the SDK initialization and all the low-level image processing features.
    • GSKPDF - the entry point for the PDF generation
    • Low-level UI components to build a custom scanner UI:
    • GSKCameraViewController - the base class for implementing a custom camera view controller
    • GSKCameraSession - manages the camera settings during the capture
  • GSSDKScannerUI: this framework is the go-to place if you need a high-level scanner module that you can drop as-is in your project. Classes from this framework are prefixed with GSKScannerUI, and it depends on the core framework GSSDK.
    • GSKScannerUI - the entry point to start the scanner module in your app
  • GSSDKOCR: text recognition. Classes from this framework are prefixed with GSKOCR. It also depends on GSSDK.
    • GSKOCR - the entry point to recognize text in an image

Getting started

To get started, we recommend looking at the example applications provided with the SDK in the Examples/ folder.


Written in Objective-C, this app demonstrates how to create a custom scanning experience by using the frameworks GSSDK and GSSDKOCR. It’s a good starting point if you want to create a customized scanning experience.


This very simple example written in Swift on the GSSDKScannerUI framework. It shows how to integrate an entire scan flow in the app with just a couple lines. It’s a good starting point to integrate a scanner module with your app but do not need advanced customization.


Visit integration guide to learn how to integrate the iOS SDK into your app.


Refer to the troubleshooting section for common issues.