Class QuadStreamAnalyzer

  • public class QuadStreamAnalyzer
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • QuadStreamAnalyzer

        public QuadStreamAnalyzer()
    • Method Detail

      • analyzeQuadStream

        public static QuadStreamAnalyzer.Result analyzeQuadStream​(@NonNull
                                                                  Quadrangle quadrangle)
        Analyze quadrangle from a video stream. This is intended to be used for real-time detection.
        quadrangle - quadrangle to analyze, can be empty if no document was detected
        result containing a status and an optional quadrangle.
      • initQuadrangleAnalyzer

        public static void initQuadrangleAnalyzer()
        Reset status of the quadrangle analyzer. Should be called when a new video stream starts.
      • getMinDurationInAboutToTriggerForTrigger

        public static int getMinDurationInAboutToTriggerForTrigger()
        Minimum duration between DocumentDetectionStatus.ABOUT_TO_TRIGGER and DocumentDetectionStatus.TRIGGER.
        duration (milliseconds)