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com.geniusscansdk.ocr - package com.geniusscansdk.ocr
create(OCREngineConfiguration, Logger, OCREngineProgressListener) - Static method in class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngine
Create an OCR engine


FILENOTFOUND - com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineError


getImagePath() - Method in class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineInput
The path of the image to apply OCR to.
getLanguages() - Method in class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineConfiguration
Lists of language codes that should match the tessdata files eg ["eng", "fra"] if both eng.trainedata and fra.trainedata are present in the tessdata folder
getStatus() - Method in class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineResult
getTessdataPath() - Method in class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineConfiguration
Absolute path to the tessdata folder containing the languages files used for OCR
getText() - Method in class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineResult
getTextLayout() - Method in class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineResult


INITIALIZATION - com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineError
INTERNAL - com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineError


languageCodes - Variable in class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OcrConfiguration
List of language codes that should match the trained data files eg ["eng", "fra"] if both eng.trainedata and fra.trainedata are present in the trained data folder


OcrConfiguration - Class in com.geniusscansdk.ocr
OcrConfiguration(List<String>, File) - Constructor for class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OcrConfiguration
OCREngine - Class in com.geniusscansdk.ocr
Recognizes text in an image
OCREngine() - Constructor for class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngine
OCREngineConfiguration - Class in com.geniusscansdk.ocr
The OCR engine configuration
OCREngineConfiguration(ArrayList<String>, String) - Constructor for class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineConfiguration
OCREngineError - Enum in com.geniusscansdk.ocr
The status of the OCR engine recognition
OCREngineInput - Class in com.geniusscansdk.ocr
The input of the OCR engine.
OCREngineInput(String) - Constructor for class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineInput
OCREngineProgressListener - Class in com.geniusscansdk.ocr
A callback object that you can inject in the OCR engine to obtain progress information.
OCREngineProgressListener() - Constructor for class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineProgressListener
OCREngineResult - Class in com.geniusscansdk.ocr
The result of the OCR
OCREngineResult(OCREngineError, String, TextLayout) - Constructor for class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineResult
OcrException - Exception in com.geniusscansdk.ocr
OcrException(String) - Constructor for exception com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OcrException
OcrProcessor - Class in com.geniusscansdk.ocr
Class that allows running OCR on an image file.
OcrProcessor(Context, OcrConfiguration, OCREngineProgressListener) - Constructor for class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OcrProcessor
Creates an OCRProcessor
OcrResult - Class in com.geniusscansdk.ocr
OcrResult(String, TextLayout) - Constructor for class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OcrResult


processImage(File) - Method in class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OcrProcessor
Perform OCR on an image.


recognizeText(OCREngineInput) - Method in class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngine
Process the input image to extract text and layout information


SUCCESS - com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineError


text - Variable in class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OcrResult
textLayout - Variable in class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OcrResult
toString() - Method in class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineConfiguration
toString() - Method in class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineInput
toString() - Method in class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineResult
trainedDataFolder - Variable in class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OcrConfiguration
Absolute path to the trained data folder containing the languages files used for OCR


updateProgress(int) - Method in class com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineProgressListener
Progress ranges from 0 to 100


valueOf(String) - Static method in enum com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineError
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Static method in enum com.geniusscansdk.ocr.OCREngineError
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
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