The Genius Scan iOS SDK is a set of modular Cocoa frameworks. This structure enables you to integrate just the feature you need and keep the SDK footprint very small:

  • Core: the core framework of the SDK including the low-level image processing, basic UI components, and PDF generation. It includes the following classes:
    • GSK – the entry point to initialize the SDK.
    • GSKPDF - the entry point for the PDF generation.
    • GSKDocumentDetector - to detect the position of a document in an image, including in real-time.
    • GSKScanProcessor – to crop, correct the distortion and enhance the legibility of a scan.
    • Low-level UI components to build a custom scanner UI:
  • OCR: text recognition. Classes from this framework are prefixed with GSKOCR. It also depends on Core.
    • GSKOCR - the entry point to recognize text in an image
  • ScanFlow: this framework is the go-to place if you need a high-level scanner module that you can drop as-is in your project. Classes from this framework are prefixed with GSKScanFlow, and it depends on the Core and OCR frameworks.
    • GSKScanFlow - the entry point to start the scanner module in your app