The reliable, private, document scanner SDK for iOS, Android, and hybrid apps.

Trusted by hundreds of companies, the Genius Scan SDK lets you embed in your app the award-winning technology of the Genius Scan app.

Distortion correction

As soon as the user snaps the photo, our various distortion corrections (perspective, curvature) kick in to straighten the document even if they captured the picture with an angle.

Legibility enhancement

Genius Scan then cleans the document with our proprietary filters. These filters clean up the background, the edges of the paper, remove artifacts, and ensure its legibility. They also ensure better accuracy for post-processing such as OCR.

User Experience
Real-time document detection

Our algorithms automatically highlight the document so that your users frame it correctly.

Customizable UI

The SDK’s ScanFlow component can be customized to match your brand.

A user-proof scan flow

The scan flow UX is the result of years of experience and user feedback. But if you prefer having the way you want, you can always go the custom route with our Core SDK.

PDF & Output
Multi-page PDF creation

You obtain a clean, legible, multi-page PDF document that you can use as desired in your app.

Reduce the size of your documents

With our monochrome filter, create 1-bit images which are much smaller to transmit. Perfect for spotty network conditions.


While Adobe’s PDF format has many advantages, the SDK also supports producing JPEG and PNG formats.

Augment and protect your PDFs

The SDK’s PDF generator lets you customize the PDF metadata (title, keywords) and encrypt them for more confidentiality.

Text Recognition
Text recognition

Our OCR engine can extract the text and layout from images. Combined with the PDF generator, you can make the text of documents searchable and selectable.

Powerful text-recognition

The OCR engine supports your language, and runs on-device.

Privacy, security & reliability
Fast & accurate

We fine-tuned our document scanner SDK for the best performance on the widest range of devices.

Private & Secure

All the SDK treatments, including text recognition, run offline on-device. You are in complete control of your documents.


The SDK powers the Genius Scan app, on which more than 4 million users rely each month.



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