The reliable, private, document scanner SDK for iOS, Android, and hybrid apps.

Trusted by hundreds of companies, the Genius Scan SDK lets you embed in your app the award-winning technology of the Genius Scan app.

Add a custom document scanner to your apps by using and customizing our proven imaging technology. The Document Scanner SDK is the same software that we use at the core of Genius Scan: it's tried and trusted every day by millions of people on iOS and Android.

A document scanner in your app

An advanced image processing pipeline combined with a straightforward UX.
Real-time document detection

Our algorithms automatically highlight the document so that your users frame it correctly.

Distortion correction

As soon as the user snaps the photo, our various distortion corrections (perspective, curvature) kick in to straighten the document even if they captured the picture with an angle.

Legibility enhancement

Genius Scan then cleans the document with our proprietary filters. These filters clean up the background, the edges of the paper, remove artifacts, and ensure its legibility. They also ensure better accuracy for post-processing such as OCR.

Text recognition

Our OCR engine can extract the text and layout from images. Combined with the PDF generator, you can make the text of documents searchable and selectable.

Multi-page PDF creation

You obtain a clean, legible, multi-page PDF document that you can use as desired in your app.

Fast & accurate

We fine-tuned our document scanner SDK for the best performance on the widest range of devices.

Private & Secure

All the SDK treatments, including text recognition, run offline on-device. You are in complete control of your documents.


The SDK powers the Genius Scan app, on which more than 4 million users rely each month.


Extract data from scanned documents in a structured form. Ensure accurate data collection on the go.
Bank details

IBAN number and BIC/SWIFT code scanning.

Receipt and invoices

Extract the date, merchant, amount from proof-of-purchase documents.

Custom Structured Data

Contact us for specific needs. We can work with you to extract any kind of structured data such as invoice numbers, MRZ codes…

Development & Integration

You're in control: a simple integration enables you to be up and running in a matter of hours, while the advanced integration lets you fully customize your users' scanning experience.
Simple Integration Advanced Integration
Recommended if you need to integrate a scanning module in your app quickly. Recommended if you need to customize your scanner experience fully.
Basic flow customization
Structured data capture
Fully customizable UX
Access to image processing routines
iOS & Android native
Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, Java
Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, Java
Cross-platform plugins provided
React Native, Flutter, Cordova, PhoneGap, Ionic, .NET MAUI
Integration time
Online API documentation

Up-to-date documentation is available on the SDK website.

SDK demo apps

We provide demo apps for all platforms. You’re free to reuse their source code as a starting point for your integration.

Technical support

You’ll have a direct contact with our engineers to address any issue.

Licensing & Pricing

Get an annual license that includes everything.
License fees vary by app. Request a quote tailored to your project.
Request a quote or a demo
No need to talk to someone!
What's included
All platforms
Our license covers both iOS & Android for native and hybrid apps. License keys are provided for your development, QA, and production environments.
Unlimited usage
Our flat fee covers an unlimited number of installs, users, and scans. No need to worry about costs if your app has sudden picks in downloads!
All components included
All modules are included by default, from basic scanning to text extraction; you won't be nickel and dimed for each additional component.
Long-term support
The SDK benefits from all the bug fixes and updates that we apply to Genius Scan. As an independent company, we've been around for more than ten years.

Used by millions of mobile users

Our document scanner SDK is integrated into more than a hundred applications, and distributed by startups and Fortune 500 enterprises. Millions of customers and employees in all kinds of industries – from international transportation companies to hospital operators, remote utility workers, bank and insurance employees, and court reporters use it daily.

A trusted brand since 2010.

Featured in the WSJ, NYT and Nature. Recommended by Apple. Deployed by governments and Fortune 500 companies. Used by millions of users around the world to scan billions of documents. See for yourself, download Genius Scan.

More than that. We’ve been profitable for 15 years. The same people who founded the company are still in command, and we intend to go nowhere. We are proudly independent. Our track record shows that we’ve kept investing in our team and products. As a bootstrapped company, we didn’t take any outside investment, and it’s in our DNA to be lean. That’s how we can offer such good-quality products for a fair price.



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