Fast and accurate document scanning and OCR software for transportation and logistics.

Improve your data capture processes by recording documents quickly and extracting reliable information from any mobile devices.

Genius Scan for your TMS and WMS needs

Equip your drivers and warehouse workers with an easy-to-use and high-quality scanner that can be integrated into any iOS and Android application.

Capture documents on the go

Genius Scan can capture and extract data from documents in any condition. Our mobile scanner enhances and streamlines workflows even when drivers and logistics operators are on the move, under tight schedules, in low light and without Internet connection.

The Genius Scan SDK works offline. Document scanning and text recognition operations are performed locally, without relying on remote servers for maximum availability and utmost confidentiality.

Collect legible documents

Scan everything from bills of lading (BoL), proof of deliveries (PoD), weight tickets and receipts, and transmit them right away for processing to the back-office.

Genius Scan automatically detects, crops and rotates pages with the latest machine learning technology. Smart filters enhance your scans to generate the cleanest and most legible images in monochrome, black-and-white or colors, and as JPEG, PNG, PDF or TIFF documents. Its auto-detection and distortion correction features ensure maximum quality.

Speed through tasks without jeopardizing quality

With its intuitive design, Genius Scan makes it easy for busy workers to capture documents in batch, anywhere, thanks to its automated algorithms and intuitive UX. Snap, review and upload. No manual edits required.

Our built-in OCR feature supports 100+ languages and extract text to save drivers time and effort by extracting content from BoL, PoD and invoices. All documents can be submitted for upload in a few taps with minimum management and administrative overhead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your common questions about integrating apps Genius Scan in your logistics applications.

What types of documents can be captured?

The SDK can capture all types of documents: printed or handwritten, images and/or text, black and white or colored. This includes proof of delivery (PoD), bill of loading (BoL), driver license, weight ticket, insurance policy, receipt and invoice. Legibility can be enhanced with multiple filters (monochrome, black-and-white and color) that the scanner can automatically apply based on the page content. Various image formats are supported – PNG, JPEG – and multipage documents as PDF and TIFF. The OCR module can detect and extract text in over 100 languages.

What are typical use cases for the scanner?

The SDK is most used by carriers, shippers and logistics specialists to equip employees (truck drivers, warehouse workers…) with dedicated apps that can collect documents for uploading onto their ERP. It’s also integrated by enterprise software publishers who edit TMS and WMS applications for carriers, shippers and delivery platforms.

Which features help logistics and transportation operators specifically?

The automation feature allows to scan both in high-quality and in a few seconds: page detection to identify border of documents, cropping and perspective correction to remove background and deskew pages captured at an angle, noise removal to eliminate crumples and shadows, border cleaning to torn and folded edges disappear, auto-orientation to recognize upside-down documents, distortion correction, and of course smart filters to enhance both black-and-white and color documents.

What is the scanner's licensing model?

The SDK is available as a subscription, for a flat annual fee, and on a per-application basis. The licenses cover both iOS and Android, with no usage restriction (unlimited number of users and scans). The standard licenses come with all features including OCR, image enhancements, PDF generation; software updates and customer support.

How much does a license cost?

The price of the annual or multi-year license depends on the application that the scanner integrates. Quotes are tailored to make the scanner affordable to most licensees by taking into account criteria such as application’s category, target users, publisher’s industry and distribution model. They can be obtained by submitting a short form from the customer portal. Trial licenses are free and can be renewed during evaluation and integration.



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