Enhancing Sheet Music capture for MobileSheets with Genius Scan SDK

Established in 2011, MobileSheets is a sheet music reader application available for Android, Windows, and iOS. It serves as a comprehensive library for sheet music and guitar tablatures, catering to the requirements of both performing musicians and hobbyists. MobileSheets is renowned for its emphasis on reliability and functionality.

Needing to improve image edition

Designed to handle scores that are typically pre-printed and annotated, MobileSheets incorporates a scanning feature that provides users with a convenient alternative to a dedicated scanner or an external camera application. While users could crop images post-capture, MobileSheets faced challenges addressing scanned music scores’ natural curvature and skew. Additionally, the app needed optimizations to seamlessly convert colored scans to grayscale and implement automatic enhancements.

Picture of a music score and a mac computer
Image of a music score being scanned on an iPad

Looking for a versatile and easy-to-use scanning SDK

While looking for an easy-to-use solution, Michael Zuber, CEO of MobileSheets, specified crucial criteria for a scanning SDK. He sought an upgraded picture-taking UI, a method to seamlessly compile captured images into optimized PDFs, and the ability to correct existing images and PDFs for comprehensive and versatile functionality—all of which he found in the Genius Scan SDK.

Integrating Genius Scan SDK in a heartbeat

“It was incredibly easy to integrate the picture taking capabilities” says Michael Zuber. The integration of the Genius Scan SDK took less that 48 hours with only one challenge: “the Genius Scan SDK changed my application manifest to require a camera in the Android version.” Michael had to override this change in his manifest because his application did not require a camera at the time.

“The Genius Scan SDK library has met all of my expectations so far. I absolutely recommend Genius Scan SDK to other developers that want to improve the picture taking capabilities in their apps.”



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