You can integrate the Genius Scan SDK in two different ways.

  • The simple integration relies on the ScanFlow module and offers an easy way to integrate a scanner in your app.
  • The advanced integration with the Core module lets you create an entirely custom scanning experience.


  iOS Android
Minimum version 11.0 5.0 (API Level 21)
Architectures x86_64, arm64-v8a x86, x86_64, armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a

Simple integration with the ScanFlow module

With just a couple lines of code, you can integrate a scanner module into your app. You can finish your integration in as little as an hour. This simple scanner module consists of two screens: the live view, which lets the user frame the document, and the review screen, which enable the user to validate — and optionally edit — the scanned file. If the multi-page mode is enabled, the user will repeat these steps until they have digitized all the pages.

You have the options to:

  • Enable or disable the multi-page mode.
  • Customize the colors to match your brand.
  • Choose the source for scanning. ScanFlow can use the camera, import a photo that the user picks in the photo library, or an existing file that you provide.
  • Customize the default filter.
  • Show or hide specific features such as the flash mode or which tools are available in the scan review screen. For instance, you can prevent the user from changing the default filter always to receive black and white documents.

The simple integration is available on iOS and Android native using the ScanFlow module and is also available through the React Native, Flutter and Cordova (which includes PhoneGap and Ionic) hybrid plugins.

Custom integration with the Core module

The Core module exposes to you individual UI components and image processing APIs. You can design the exact scan flow and user interaction that you desire. While we designed the API to be easy to use, this development will take a bit more time than the simple integration with ScanFlow.

You can re-use the live scanning view (which does the heavy-lifting of the real-time preview and document detection for you) while customizing all the UI surrounding it.

For instance, Genius Scan relies on the custom SDK to offer a simple, refined user experience:

One of our customers, Imito AG, has created a custom scanning module for their imitoScan app that highlights user guidance and use transparent controls:

The custom integration is possible with iOS and Android native. We don’t provide hybrid plugins to wrap the advanced APIs: if you want to do an advanced integration using hybrid technologies, you will have to encapsulate the APIs and maintain the plugins by yourself.

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