You can obtain a tailored quote from the customer portal by adding your application, and clicking the Request a quote button on the app’s page. A priced proposal will be emailed to you shortly after.

License fees vary from apps to apps, depending on several factors including the type of application the scanner is integrated with and the publisher’s industry.

All licenses are available as a subscription and for a flat fee.

They cover:

  • unlimited users and documents
  • all features including live document capture, PDF generation and text recognition
  • iOS and Android
  • production, development and test environments
  • customer support
  • regular software updates


By default, you can use the SDK for up to one minute per session in a test environment. This allows you to evaluate all features of the scanner without initializing a license key.

To avoid this timer, you can start a free trial from your account. These keys will be valid for 30 days and can be renewed until you are ready to deploy your app to production.


Each license key is valid for a unique application identifier that is usually called App ID or Bundle ID and that should be in reverse-DNS format (e.g. like com.geniusscansdk.demoapp).

Learn more about:

If your application uses a different identifier for each platform, we will provide you with mulitple keys as part of your license.


You can renew your license at any time directly from your account. We will notify you a few weeks in advance so you can proceed early on and deploy the new keys on your own release schedule.


Every license that is delivered and paid will last until its next renewal date.

Grace period

Production keys include a grace period of a few weeks. This ensures that the scanner continue to work past the expiration date for users who delay the installation of the app update or have trouble connecting to the Internet.

When a key reaches the end of its grace period, the SDK throws an exception indicating that the key has expired. We advise to catch this exception and set up a fall-back mechanism such as:

  • show a message to the user asking them to install the latest version of the application
  • launch the default camera to take a photo instead of capturing a scan

NB: grace periods should not be used to postpone a renewal as they only serve to prevent service interruption under a valid software license.

Terms & Conditions

The use of the Genius Scan SDK is subject to the Genius Scan SDK license. The terms and conditions are standard and apply to all licensees. If you have any questions regarding the agreement, please contact us at


All document operations are performed locally by the SDK, including document capture, image enhancement, PDF generation, text extraction.

By default, the SDK validates the license key with our servers. This prevents interruption of service if your users don’t update your app with fresh license keys, or if you haven’t been able to publish an updated version with the fresh license keys. This behavior can be disabled.

This means that the SDK can work 100% off-line and that no user data is transmitted by the software — neither to us nor to any third-party. You, as developer, have full control over how and where documents are stored and exported.

Customer support

Although you are responsible for the development of your application, we can assist you with the evaluation, configuration, deployment and maintenance of the SDK. If you need help with your license and have a technical question, please contact us by email at

Our team will be happy to advise you, troubleshoot any issue you encounter with the SDK, and review your requests for improvements and new features.

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